K-5th graders, join us summer 2018 on   adventure playgrounds in schools, neighborhoods, and parks around the USA: Cleveland, Ohio*Denver, Colorado*New Orleans, Louisiana*Houston, Texas*Clemson, South Carolina 

See our HOW WE PLAY section for details.

We believe kids can self-direct their play experiences.  With the help of nature on vacant lots and the use of a whole lot of repurposed "stuff" kids tap into their imaginations, their creativity, their passions and the result is S.T.E.A.M. play. Play that is safe, adventurous, unusual and outlandlishly fun.​​

Humans2Nature INC presents PLAY RESEARCH:

Clemson University -Clemson, South Carolina

US PLAY Coalition's 2018 Conference on the Value of Play: The Many Faces of Play April 8-11, 2018

Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, Ohio Office of Research and Tecnology's 2018

Research ShowCASE

April 20, 2018 

Our type of play is neither conventional nor traditional. We host POP UP ADVENTURE PLAYGROUNDS in neighborhoods near you. Our experienced Playworkers with backgrounds in Education, Visual and Performance Art, Art History, Child Psychology, Outdoor Recreation, Leadership, Engineering, Architecture, Technology, Science, Math, Philosophy, Culinary Arts, Music and more support the choices kids make in discovery through play in nature. ​​



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