Hello K-5 KIDS join Humans2Nature INC, a play research company, on our POP UP ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. We've partnered with Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga County LandBank and Pop Up Adventure Play (https://popupadventureplaygrounds.wordpress.com/) , to host LOOSE PARTS 2, A POP UP ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND for 1day only on JUNE 3, 2017!

What is an Adventure Playground?  An outdoor play space where K-5 kids use their imagination and creativity and whole lot of fun "STUFF" to play with any way they'd like! Run, jump, swing, build, dig, climb, hammer, paint, color, splash, relax, sing, dance, yell, draw, tie, bury...explore, experiment and experience all in the name of play research.

What is LOOSE PARTS 2, THE POP UP?  The wildest, most funnest, one day play experience ever that you create!

The Research Purpose - to observe how adventure play ignites the 4c's in kids grades K-5; their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and cooperation.  The research hypothesis: Adventure play outside of the classroom improves student academic performance inside the classroom.

The Itinerary

1p - 130p Check in and Discovery

130p - 5p Self Directed Free Play for K-5 Kids 

230p - Adventure Play Stations Demonstration

4p - Treasure Hunting

4:30p - Bag the Trash Contest

5:00p - THE END

PLAY Research Company needs K-5 KIDS to PLAY on our ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND!


Cuyahoga County Land Bank, Cultured Bazaar, Pop Up Adventure Playground, Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, Home Depot, SAKS Fifth Avenue, Praxis Fiber Workshop, Waterloo Arts, Dave's Supermarket Ohio City and The Evans/Day Family! WOOHOO, THANK YOU!